One of the most common uses of paints is interior or exterior woodwork – like decking, furniture, fences, doors, etc. As there are a wide range of finishes, it can be difficult, if not confusing, to find the right one. We have selected the following as a good start:

  • Zoffany Acrylic Eggshell. Hard-wearing water based paint. Suitable for exterior woodwork that’s been suitably primed, with a washable low-sheen finish.
  • Zoffany Eggshell. Hard-wearingoil based paint, resistant to steam and condensation. Suitable for exterior woodwork, where washing down is intended.
  • Sanderson Water Based Eggshell. Hard-wearing water based paint. Suitable for exterior woodwork and metals which have been suitably primed.
  • Sanderson Oil Based Eggshell. Durable and hard-wearing paint. Suitable for exterior woodwork (with a suitable primer) including doors and window frames.

Any of the above paints are available in our online store.

Farrow & Ball Exterior Eggshell (available in our Showroom). Durable silk sheen finish ideal for exterior softwood and hardwood, as well as window frames, cladding, garden furniture, railings, gates and guttering. Can be paired with Farrow & Ball Exterior Wood Primer & Undercoat – the perfect base for exterior bare or previously painted wood.

For an extensive description of all the paint finishes we provide, please refer to our Designer Paints page.

If you need advice or inspiration, why not visiting our Showroom? We have free paint charts you can take with you and can provide you with a range of over 200 colours in store.